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3D Framing

3d framing can cover a wide range of subjects, such as, signed Football, Rugby, Cricket and Cycling Shirts and Jerseys, captions & photo’s can also be added.

An average sized shirt typically starts from £95.

Another popular subject is World War memorabilia. In one frame, we can display old photographs, medals, ration books, cap badges, belts and even parts of the uniform.

Other popular 3D subjects include:

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Cricket Bats
  • Rugby Balls
  • Wedding Corsage
  • Cake Decoration
  • Baby Foot Prints

Acrylic Boxes

We also supply Acrylic boxes. This is an ideal way to display signed Footballs and Model Vintage Cars, infact any deep 3D objects which would not look good on the wall, but more for free standing display. Typically a 300mm cube sitting on a wood frame with velet base starts from £75